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Lip Pencils, Creme Lipsticks, and Liquid Lipsticks 


Tracy S., Portland, OR


High-quality products I love the lip line and the wearability. Everyone I use them on loves the feel and that high gloss can I just give that a whoop, whoop! Pick one up today and give it a try you won't be disappointed.


Maria C., Olympia, WA

I’m obsessed with Rossario George products, from the lipstick, gloss to the blush and eyeshadows are amazing, I love that his products are all paraben green, cruelty free, they last me all day long, they feel soft and have a beautiful texture! I’m a huge fan!

Jen A., Shoreline, WA


Rossario George is simply THE BEST! I can’t say enough wonderful things about RG! I recently bought some RG lip gloss, and I love it!! It makes me feel so great and keeps my lips healthy as well. I also love RG’s lipstick and amazing gel nail polish as well. I am always excited to see what is going to be new and upcoming at RG. Check out this will be SO glad you did!

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