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Long-Lasting Color Fabulousness


Jen A., Shoreline, WA


LOVE the gel nail polish I’ve purchased..beautiful colors and very long lasting! I’ve been enjoying my nude liquid lipstick as well. I always look forward to receiving my packages! Amazing experience every time I’ve made a purchase.

Katie G., Redmond, WA


I LOVE their nail polish! As someone who has moved a lot and frequented many different salons over the years — always in search of a great nail tech and shellac — I can attest to just how well this gel polish holds up. I took baths every night, washed the dishes without gloves, and cleaned our entire condo in the span of a week and a half without it coming off or even chipping. It was super easy to apply and, with a UV lamp, it didn’t take very long to dry them (3-4 minutes at most). I used both the top and bottom coats in addition to two coats of color. I could have gotten away with just one coat of color, but I wanted the shade of lavender to be a little darker.

Even if you don’t enjoy doing your own nails at home, buy this and take it to your salon the next time you get a manicure so they can apply it for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Jenny O., Bend, OR


Rossario George makes beautiful, long-lasting gel nail polishes in great colors. I love being able to have a salon-quality manicure in the comfort of my own home. I look forward to getting more colors!

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