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My Current Color Crush On White

Hi everyone, Tony Vincente Lifestyle Expert and Interior Decorator here on this wonderful day talking with you about my current color crush on the color white.

Yes you heard me right! White! Let me explain why I have a sudden love for the color

white, a color I HATED as I was growing up. It all started a short couple of months ago when my partner and I began our annual home spring renewal, while taking a good look at our abode I realized I was vastly becoming bored with the caramel color that we painted on the walls two years ago. So what happens when a gay man gets bored of home décor?

Why we change it IMMEDIATELY! Hello people you should know that by know! So THAT same week we began to look into other color options that the both of us would enjoy, we looked at some rather cool options like a sophisticated gray to a rather lavish sea foam green and yet nothing really said HI IM HERE until I took a good look at the color white.

I never considered using white because as a young boy it was the ONLY color my mother liked for a home. We had the color white throughout from the walls to the furniture. I guess subconsciously it was too much for my brain to comprehend using when I left the nest and established my own place(s) of residence. I rebelled by using the most vivid colors imaginable but now as I find myself getting older I find that the cleanness and classy feel of white warrants me to give this simple color a second chance. I won’t lie; I still had my reservations on going stark white, so as a test we started small and are in the process of repainting the master bathroom walls with a rich and pure eggshell white.

I still need a pop of color so in addition to white we plan to incorporate the color grey in the bath towels, rugs, and additional accessories in a slate grey and chrome in the fixtures both which will add clear contrasts against the white of the walls. I have a couple of other cool decorating ideas and colors that I plan to implement but won’t disclose as of yet, as the new white bathroom is a work in progress.

As I write this, the first coat has been applied on the walls and I have to say it looks pretty damn nice! I truly am glad that we decided to go with my current color crush white. I guess I owe my mother some gratitude for her introduction of this amazing color and its many uses to me. Say what you want, but I guess a mother always knows.

What’s your current color crush? I really want to know! If your response is selected it could win you a most magnificent gift from Vincente Living.

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