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DIY Friday! Growing Your Own Veggies!

Hi Everyone and happy Friday to you!

This DIY Friday I want to share with you something that has become a passion of mine, growing my own vegetables! I never in a million years would have thought I would be able to or even have a desire to grow my own tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, anaheim peppers, cucumbers and squash but I have to say thanks in part to the internet and LOWES its one of the life skills that I am now most proud of!

Growing your own vegetables has a number of benefits including being relaxing, fun and in today's economy, highly economical as changing weather conditions and increased demands drive food prices up. I should mention that growing your own vegetables isnt easy, it requires staying on top of watering, weather conditions, fertilization and much much more so please do your research and if after you feel this is right for you, then get your big sun hat, gucci sunglasses and gardening gloves on and get to planting!

As an FYI here are three essential things you need to know to grow YOUR best vegetable garden.

1. Do the research: Go on the internet and find out what veggies do best in your particular environment. Its highly important that what you plant has the optimal conditions to grow, so look for online planting guides that show you what grows best in your "zone".

2. Go to a good gardening center or store: Lowes made my life easy! They had the vegetables I wanted to grow, the soil I needed to grow them with and the pots with proper draining capabilities to place them in. ***Bonus tip: When growing plants in a pot use an organic 50/50 mix which is 50 % organic soil and 50% fertilizer. Your vegetables will thank you for it!***

3.Have patience: It takes time and care to grow vegetables, so be patient and please follow the planting and care instructions to a tee!

Have a great weekend loves and talk with you next week!

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