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DIARY OF A MAD DIVA By David Yontef!

There she was. 80 something years old (yes I am too lazy to google her exact age), moving as if she was 50. That energy. That confidence. That OUTFIT!! Those were my reactions as Ms. Rivers, otherwise known to many as Joan, appeared from behind the curtain at her most recent book signing for her latest book "Diary of a Mad Diva". Diva is actually the LAST word I would use to describe Joan. She was so gracious, so nice, so real, so sweet, so FAB! There was a Q&A prior to the book signing, during which an adorable gay couple revealed that they learned in the first few pages of Joan's new book that she was an ordained minister and of course they couldn't resist but to ask if she would marry them. She said yes and then married them right then and there. Wholly shit. Not a joke. Literally married them. She then called out to whoever worked at B & N running the event that they are to charge her credit card and give the newly married couple $200 worth of books. Then she screamed out again to give the gay “flower boy” $100 worth of books. How generous. Ok she is richer than life itself, but she certainly didn’t need to do that. When it was my time to actually get my picture taken with Joan, I told her I was a “Joan Ranger”, of course referring to what her fans from Fashion Police call her, and asked her if she could do the “Joan Ranger” salute with me. DYING!!!!!!! She did it. Like best picture ever. I miss her already and hope hope hope – she does another book again sooner than later PS Best Question of Night – Where is Melissa? Answer was basically – she is home working!! Do you take your daughter to work with you on a daily basis? Second Best Question of the Night – Who are you wearing? Answer – YSL Pants!!!!!!! YSL Shoes!!!!!!!!!! YSL Top!!!! Dolce Jacket. Oh yea and Joan Rivers for QVC Jewelry...

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