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Live Glamorous With Metrie (2).

This post is sponsored by Metrie. All opinions are my own.

Next week get ready for another fun-filled special themed week from Vincenteliving and CEO/President Tony Vincente where we share our favorite brands that inspire us and we simply CANNOT live without! So in early celebration we want to re-share the original post from a brand we absolutely love...METRIE. This established and highly repeated brand has truly redefined how YOU look for and purchase home finishes. Read the post and check them out TODAY!

Get Inspired

Every room tells a story and yours is waiting to be written. Set the stage in any room with classic elegance, modern chic or many other styles. Express your personal style with Metrie Then & Now Finishing Collections™, decorative mouldings and these inspiring ideas.

Established in 1926, the company once known as Moulding & Millwork recently rebranded to Metrie a rather stylish name to match their trendy lines of crown, wall and baseboard trims, doors and other decorative elements. Designers, decorators, builders and overall homeowners love Metrie because they make it easy to coordinate and purchase interior finishings.

How you may ask my lovelies?

Metrie has a simple and easy three-step process that makes the decision making easy so you can spend little to no time on the unnecessarily hard decisions on home decorative finishes and more time on fun things like having a splendid glass of champagne or two with your besties!

Simply go to Metrie’s website and choose from one of the following five Then & Now Finishing CollectionsTM styles (French Curves - True Craft - Very Square - Fashion Forward - Pretty Simple) then select the elements you want and finally add personal touches like stains, paints or finishes. In addition you can choose different price levels within each collection to fit whatever budget you’re working with. also provides inspiration and unique ideas to enhance overall décor features in your home; their innovative website includes design planning tools such as the “Room Styler” which I absolutely love! “Room Styler” is easy and really fun to use.

You can create some amazing room spaces; in fact I plan to update the entire look of the family room of our home because of the room I created using the “warm neutral” pallet.


Equally fun is Metrie’s “Style Quiz”! Site visitors are asked a series of 10 questions and based on how they are answered the best finishing collection that fits your personal taste and style is selected and let me tell you something, that the quiz is spot on! My style/selected finishing collection ended up being the “French Curves” a line for lovers of all things elegant, ornate and glamorous... Right up my alley!

They also have a really stylish and gorg blog called “The Finished Space” which offers inspiring content, stunning photos and fascinating posts on interior finishings. So designers and lovers of design, reward yourself this weekend and check out Metrie today!

You will love them!

Visit the Metrie website here:

Read the Metrie blog Finished Space’s here:

And follow them on

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