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Refurbish Design - Making Chairs That Were Once Old New Again!

Hello luvs and happy weekend to you all! Today on the blog we talk refurbish design! We all have stuff, some more than others but this year I am obsessed with the concept of turning my "stuff" into new treasures I and others will love for years to come! Maybe it's the creative people I surround myself with as of late (shout to my friends at but I really have begun to see certain pieces I originally wanted to discard in a new refurbished light. In fact, in my home I have my eye on a couple of pieces I plan to update rather cheaply and quite impressively and it's all going to start with a set of aged and slightly damaged dining room chairs I currently have in off-site storage. This project is going to be interesting as I need help turning a hammer right side up! Trade secret I am not the most handy of individuals (I'm one hell of a designer, planner and problem solver but manual labor is NOT my forte) but I plan to give the chair revamp my best shot. I won't lie I have thought about revising these chairs by simply purchasing some funky and cool slip covers and calling it a day but for me that's the easy way out and anyway, I'm after a specific look and feel for this revision. So like a man on a mission I have been doing my homework, watching a number of online instructional videos on YouTube like this MUST SEE step-by step video: WATCH NOW I have also scoured the internet looking additional advice which is where I found this handy link from Better Homes & Gardens: SEE HERE

Finding the right resources for your project is your best friend a well planned design is a grand design. So in closing, refurbished chairs takes work but it's so worth it in the end. I'm real excited to see the finished product and best of all, depending on how much fabric is remaining do know that I plan to make additional items like tablecloths or pillows with it! I will keep you posted on my progress on and Enjoy your week everyone and thanks for reading! Until next time, Tony Vincente Lifestyle Expert and CEO/President of Vincenteliving

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