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Vincenteliving's Interior Design "Short" List Fall/Winter 2014

Hello loves and thank you so much for joining me this STYLISH Saturday, as we discuss finding design inspiration from the runways.

Fashionistas around the world rejoice! Some truly groundbreaking and gorgeous looks descended down the runways of the 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion week events in New York City this month, and with all the amazing mixes of colors, textures and styles is it any wonder home stylist take their design cues from these runways? It should be mentioned that although the September fashion week events were for Spring 2015 some elements seem well timeless, and these elements seem to apply for any season and any year. Vincenteliving prides itself as being a lifestyle brand with a design esthetic and overall identity that is deeply rooted in the veins of the fashion world, which is why this week it was a must to put together the following "short" list of the shows fashion elements that truly inspired our interior decorating muses for Fall/Winter 2014. Inspiration #1 Shimmer and Reflective: As the season's brings us longer periods of darkness, it's a smart and stylish idea to utilize reflective elements indoors. Use reflective elements on smaller room essentials like pillows and table runners and for larger scaled items such as oversized wall mirrors. These metallic surfaces can provide extra light throughout your home during Fall/Winter months.

Inspiration #2 Dark Colors: Not to be outdone, it's also a great idea to use darker hues for your homes large scaled interior decorating pieces like sofa and chairs and in your bedding during the Fall/Winter months. Why you ask? Fall and a Winter are nesting seasons so it's also the perfect time to use colors that support rest and thoughts of hibernation throughout the home. Use colors like NAVY, BROWN, HUNTER GREENS and DARK GREY this Fall/Winter and let the nesting begin. FYI ~Don't worry vibrant color fans, it's important to remember holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas provide a plethora of opportunities to use those vibrant colors and in your space.

Inspiration #3 Plaids: I saved the best for last design must use for the Fall/Winter 2014 season on our quick hit list. Plaids has always been a design element that people really either really love or really hate, but we think its time to re-look at the plaid possibilities. Plaids made a huge appearance during the September runway shows, specifically plaids that are members of the same color family. It had me thinking how gorgeous it would be to pair say a dark wood chair light with a dark/light blue plaid seat with a dark wood table. This would scream automatic home design elegance! We like the idea of using plaids so much we officially deem plaid to be THE design element to use during the Fall/Winter 2014 season!

Alright fashionista's and interior design enthusiasts hope you enjoyed our short list! And please, let us know here what your fav thing you saw from the September shows and how you plan to incorporate them in you home decorating style! Happy Weekend !

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