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Creating Your Perfect Holiday Table With Setting

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It's no denying it, the holidays are vastly approaching and soon the home will be filled with the sounds of family and friend visitation, the smell of delicious holiday feast and the sights of festive decor.

Over the course of weeks you can check out our social media pages for amazing holiday recipes, holiday decorating ideas, and other tips and tricks you will need to get you through the holidays, but today is all about creating your perfect holiday table with place setting.

Table settings provide just the perfect ambiance for your holiday themed events. Table and place settings also allow you yet another way to way your friends and family as they dine on the delicious meal(s) you prepared for them.

So what exactly is a perfect holiday table setting? It all starts with a beautiful table cloth. Holidays are special times and provide the opportunity to create grand memories so I think it's a great time to invest in nice and stylish table linens.

Do note you don't have to spend a ton of money on linens (stores like Ross and Marshalls have great deals on REALLY nice linens so check there first!) and if you don't want to deal with washing linens (which you will, take it from me there's always at least one or two messy invitees.) plastic tablecloths work just as fine.

Select a nice solid colored table cloth as you use a variety of color in your table accents, centerpiece and dishwares.

Speaking of centerpieces, A good centerpiece should always capture the true elements of the holidays, a great example is to use a cornucopia filled with real or artificial squash, corn and other colorful vegetables for a perfect thanksgiving centerpiece.

Please note you want a good sized centerpiece that takes up a good but not overwhelming amount of space on your dinner table.

This is very important because this centerpiece has to be easy to move and pick up as it should only act as a "placeholder" for your holiday meats such as your turkey, hams, etc.

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Equally essential is your holiday dishes and serving wares. Once again, you don't have to spend a fortune on dishes but your holiday set (s) should be a set not used everyday and should be more colorful and fancy in design. FYI do feel free to serve children with plastic festive plates to avoid breakages.

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Finally a perfect table setting needs creative accessories. Use holiday specific accessories like artificial leaves, fake snow, colorful decorations, etc to accent dishes and tables.

Enjoy your holiday table decorating loves and stay tuned for more good holiday decorating tips and much much more!

Tony Vincente

Lifestyle Expert & CEO/President of Vincente Living

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