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Christmas Has Come And Gone But The New Year’s Festivities Are Vastly Approaching!

Hello, my loves!

The holiday season is a time for friends, to count your blessings, and of course appreciate the families you were born in and ones you created.

Whether you only see your family for the holidays, going to meet your sweetheart's loved ones for the first time, or spending an evening out on the town, looking great for the holidays is a must, which is why this blog is all about New Year’s fashion!

More specifically, this post is all about enjoying the fancier occasions such as a nice holiday cocktail party or a festive New Year’s Eve outing that requires nothing less than a beautiful dress.

Looking fantastic as we end 2014 and enter into 2015 is a fashionista‘s most favorite moment, luckily this season there are quite a few dress trends that are absolutely fabulous!

Here are some of my favorite dress styles and suggestions to help you look your New Year’s best!

1. Romantic

Live for Lace! It is extremely popular this season, and I have to say I love it! Lace adds such a touch of class and overall sense of innocence to an entire look.

Want to step away from the traditional black lace dress? Make a bold statement by wearing a lace gown in a bright color such as red, navy blue, and lavender!

2. Glam

This style is my top pick for your New Year’s event! Be the topic of discussion and turn heads as soon as you walk through the door with a reflective or sequined gown.

New Year’s is all about pageantry, so the shinier and sparkly the better! Word of advice; make sure that it is form fitted!

Showing off your sexiness and sassy style on this special day is a plus. On a night of change dare to be different!

3. Modern

Spikes, chains, bold patterns, punk, studs, and bold cuts are not for rockers anymore! Show off your edge with a gown that features a few modern embellishments.

Not too much or you will end up looking like a member of KISS! A cool and modern dress with a slight edge makes a large fashion statement that screams out to all who look upon you: “I’m confident and I soooooo rock!”

4. Elegant

Want to truly feel sophisticated and chic this holiday? Then find inspiration in the Hollywood “Golden Age” where styles were timeless yet fashions were more simplistic.

You really can’t go wrong with a timeless little black dress, a floor length gown with dramatic shoulder to fingers gloves or a gorgeous little number in silk. Extra note don’t forget the pearls or diamonds!

Not a dress person? Don't fret! The patterned pant is a perfect replacement. Due to their huge popularity this season there is a color, pattern, or sparkle that can match any look you have in mind!

I am loving the slim ankle pant style paired with a nice pair of heels, and no Virginia, they don’t have to be a Louboutin, Manolo or Choo, but if you have them, please feel free to make the world your personal runway.

General Tips:

Don't be afraid to pair and mix patterns in your ensemble this New Year. It‘s also fun to pair a masculine styled coat with your more demure outfit--This adds a contrast of elements in your look that can truly enhance and accent your femininity.

Stay safe my dears, and enjoy the New Year!

FYI We have some HUGE news coming from our camp in 2015 so stay tuned and keep in touch with us on social media:

Erin Leong-Fashion/Lifestyle blogger and Chief Writer for Vincente Living and Vincente

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