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Give the gift of Tea for Mother’s Day

This post is sponsored by Kiwana Tea. All opinions are my own.


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, 2015 so what are you planning to get that special lady in your life? Lifestyle expert and CEO/President of Vincente Living, Tony Vincente dares you to be different this Mother’s Day holiday and give Mom the gift of SAFFRON TEA from Kiwana tea.

Besides being luxurious, there are a number of studies currently being conducted on the properties and benefits to drinking a good quality saffron tea like the one you can purchase from Kiwana tea.


Here is just a few of the benefits saffron may have on health:

  1. It is a great source of the vitamins and minerals your body needs such as iron, Manganese, Vitamin C, A and B.

  2. Recent scientific studies suggest saffron has a compound called Crocin, which helps sharpen memory and learning abilities.

  3. Saffron can help treat symptoms of depression.

  4. Increases energy levels and metabolism

  5. Has anti-aging properties and can help skin health

  6. Assists body regulation in regards to blood pressure, blood sugar, digestion, cholesterol, and assists with liver and kidney functions

  7. Helps treat body ailments such as cough, cold, fevers, stomach aches and pains, and is an anti-inflammatory

Check out even more health advantages at:

For thousands of years Eastern and Middle Eastern medicine has been using Saffron to treat ailments and illnesses of various kinds. Nowadays, researchers have been using Saffron in cancer therapies and Alzheimer treatment. The healing properties found in Kiwana tea are nothing short of remarkable!


Saffron tea (known as the Spice of Kings) is also THE most expensive and luxurious spice in the world. Not only is this spice highly sought after by food lovers and chefs throughout the world, some varieties are more expensive than gold!

Make your mom feel like the queen she is and give her the royal treatment with the gift of a golden cup of saffron tea from Kiwana tea.

Happy Mother’s Day!

To purchase this amazing tea visit: TODAY!

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