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Have Fun With Interior Finishing Projects!

Great home design is about being creative baby - the more imaginative the idea, the more spectacular the design will end up being! My partner and I just purchased a rather STUNNING home on the water and you know what that means, home improvement project time! Although it’s gorgeous, certain design elements that I love are missing including the crown molding and wainscoting.

The funny thing about fate is that it steps in when you least expect it to, case in point I had crown on my mind and my friends from Metrie reached out to me to write a new blog post for them. Weird huh?

Being a huge fan of Metrie and the stunning interior finishings they offer, I jumped at the chance to write a blog for them and lucky for me writing it gave me the tools and inspiration I needed to make great decisions on our upcoming home improvement projects!

I always find the best inspiration from They have AMAZING products and website resources like the Style Quiz which helps individuals and clients find a coordinated Finishing Collection that matches their own personal flare. Check it out and you will see why I am such a fanatic for Metrie!

This new home of ours is pretty big and has a lot of character with amazing Eastern maple hardwood flooring, doors and cabinetry. Which are all gorgeous but in some areas (particularly the cabinetry) run a little flat in the impressive stage.

I went on the Metrie site and suprise surprise Metrie has the same exact molding and accessories I need to make ordinary extraordinary! I should have known as they are North America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of solid wood and composite moulding.

With the cabinetry issue out of the way, I can know focus my attention to other areas of the home in need of a little Tony TLC.

Next up, time to use crown molding to frame all the plain Jane standard bathroom mirrors throughout the house giving them a new life to better fit the rest of the home. I have a reputation, and I need all my rooms to have the same pizazz as I am known for!

It’s like the gods of interior design know my personal style because our new home has an UNBELIEVABLE fireplace with a blank spot just waiting for one of the printed canvas art pieces that I created (New readers I do my own artwork because that’s how I roll) to be surrounded by glorious crown molding.

Here’s an example of my vision for the finished bathroom mirror and artwork framing project fresh off of

My walk-in closet is a dream come true but it does have one major flaw…no wainscoting! Sorry, but a closet simply isn’t glamourous until wainscoting is installed. It’s like buying a diamond ring without the diamonds!

I selected the following look for my closet revamp.

I really want to extend my gratitude to my friends at Metrie for making my designer life easier thanks to design tools available on their website such as the Room Styler, which enables you to digitally customize the look of a room using moulding and interior doors from the GORGEOUS Then & Now Finishing Collections.

I not only decided on the color and type of interior finishings I plan to use, but know how they will look.

So my loves, I so invite you to visit Metrie TODAY, and I guarantee, you too will become a fan of their products which are sold in a number of stores in the United States and Canada. Also, be on the lookout for pictures of my awesome home renovations on,


See you next Friday for another stylish, glamourous and phenomenal “Color Me There” post~Tony Vincente

***Want to learn more about the power of moulding and trimwork and how they can transform spaces, the “What are Interior Finishings?” page on contains rollover images with descriptions of the different trim elements!***

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