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Planning Your Summer Getaway

Summer 2015 is officially upon us and guess what, there is an entire world of things to see and do! If you’re itching to get out and enjoy the wondrous world we live in or just want to stay close to home well I have some suggested ideas that may give you the push you need to plan a nice getaway at home or abroad.

Foodie like moi?

Then honey, plan a trip around your favorite culinary must haves! Love Chinese food? Italian? French? Then plan a trip to one of these amazing countries and visit a different restaurant every night! Be your own Anthony Bourdain and experience your fav dishes in their actual places of origin. PS you are a tourist so don’t be ashamed to share your excitement with friends and family.

It’s okay to blog about your experiences, take pics of your vacation, awesome sites you find yourself at and food you are enjoying. After all, you may inspire others to enjoy THEIR OWN culinary vacations!

Love photography or aspire to capture the beauty of the world? Take a trip centered on picture taking! It could be local destinations or exotic lands. The point is to capture the world as you see it and who knows make some pretty sweet canvas prints or even a picture book! Both make really cool gifts for the holidays.

Are you a workaholic? Or just looking for ways to provide your life with balance? Then plan a destination where cellphones and tablets need to be put away because the beauty of the environment takes precedence. Enjoy the sandy white beaches of Cancun or the blue waters of Bora Bora.

Life is hectic no matter where you are, but when you can find the time to literally look around and just enjoy the moment then you will find dealing with stressors can become easier. It’s all about breathing my friends.

Finally nothing completes one’s life like family and friends, which as it is in life you often find yourself separate from. So why not plan a vacation around just seeing the ones you love! Have a parent, cousin or bestie who lives in another state or country. Visiting those important to you makes the distance seem smaller and it gives them a chance to show you around and see what makes their lives worth living.

So what’s your summer plans? Please feel free to share them on and see you next week for my 2015 BBQ menu!

Boys and girls you want to bring your appetite because it’s going to be GOOD!

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