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Patio Pot Perfect

Hey luvs!

It's that time again, when everything begins to bloom and what was asleep is awake once more!

Spring/Summer has arrived and with that, the need to spruce up your dormant patios gardens with colorful and lively plants, flowers and if you like, even vegetables.

I LOVE creating works of art using plants and yes, this diva does like to get his hands dirty sometimes!

I find gardening to be very therapeutic and I think you will too. FYI~ were not going TOO crazy y'all. This blog post is all about how to create BEAUTIFUL flower pots for your patio.

So without further ado…let's get started!

First things first, let's get to shopping. Head to your nearest plant/flower nursery or your local Home Depot or Lowes. Pick out some cute and stylish flower pots with drainage holes in the bottom (VERY IMPORTANT as water needs a place to drain or your plants WILL DROWN!). There are like a ton of them in a plethora of materials, shapes and colors. Select the one that fits your personal, patios and overall environments style.

Once this is done, grab as many bags of potting soil you will need for your planting project (this depends on the quantity of pots you bought and the size of them.) preferably the kind with fertilizer already mixed in. You will also need some all-purpose plant food and of course some flowering plants. If you're like me I like to mix thing up in my garden every year so you want to get ANNUAL plants which live for one growing season and then die, while perennials regrow every spring.

Select colorful plants and flowers that will bring you joy whenever you look at your work! Personally I love using geraniums and petunias in my baskets as well as ornamental grasses (they bring the right amount of drama to your pots).

Next up comes the fun part darlings, let's get drinking! Oh wait, that comes after, my bad!

Anyway, take your baskets and place them where you want because TRUST me, you don’t want to move them when there is soil in them! Save your back breaking for the new Rihanna album baby! Once you find spots for your pots begin filling them about two-thirds full with your potting soil. Sit the plants in the pots and decide on your arrangement. You can either do a round design (tallest plants in the center and shorter or trailing plants around the edges), or a front-facing design (tall plants in back and shorter ones in front).

Slowly and gently remove your plants from the containers they came in. If the plant is stuck, squeeze the pot a little to help push it out , DO NOT yank on the stem.

Disturb the roots a bit, I like to use my fingers to loosen them (SEE told you I like to get my hands dirty). Then place the plants in the soil, keeping an eye on the depth to make sure they will be planted at the same level they were in their original pot.

Add more potting soil specifically between the plants, firming it gently with your fingers. Be careful not to press down to hard as you could potentially break the plants. Take a look and make sure you covered your new planting evenly and no roots are showing.

Finally, when all your pots look the way you want them, water your plant thoroughly until water runs out the bottom, get cleaned up, and pour yourself a nice cold glass of Vueve Clicquot and enjoy your handy work!

That's it for now luvs, but check back here next week for 12 summer time party drinks you and your guests will simply love! Until then give us a shout out on Facebook and Twitter and while you're at it, share your patio garden pictures with us. We would love to see them!

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