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3 Must Have Items For AWESOME Skin!

Hey boys and girls!

Summer is around the corner, to look your best I am revealing how I keep my skin looking its best by sharing 3 must use items you need to start using like RIGHT NOW so you can get your skin looking AWESOME in no time at all.

This blog came about due to so many people (woman and men equally) stopping me on the street, in stores and in the office to tell me how gorgeous my skin is. Often times its followed up with the question "So what do you do?" It had me thinking hummmmm I think its time for me to reveal my beauty secrets.

Must have item #1: Charcoal Soap

The trick to having true clean skin starts with getting it dirty. You heard me right! After a hard day of constant barrage of impurities, nothing will get your face shining like using a cleanser made from one of the dirtiest substances on the planet CHARCOAL.

Charcoal soap (either in a bar or liquid form) is natures gift to us. Besides providing a deep cleaning it helps make pores small , treat acne, reduce/eliminate the appearance of razor bumps and balance out oily skin!

Using this twice a day (Morning and evening) will make your skin look simply marvelous!

Must have item #2: Benzac Intensive Spot Treatment

Even with a daily skin regiment your bound to have a break out or two. In those events nothing and I do mean NOTHING clears thing up faster than Benzac intensive spot treatment. This clear, fast drying gel rapidly clears and calms inflamed, blemished skin while unclogging blocked pores.

Best of all its free of artificial fragrance and dyes and contains 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade East Indian Sandalwood Oil that has been known to soothe and calm the appearance of red, irritated skin and help reduce inflammation for years.

Must have item #3: Strivectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate

This stuff is FREAKIN amazing. I have tried every type of serum under the sun and this is the only one that works like it should. It reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles dramatically.

Use this product after your morning and night face wash , gently massaging on your face specifically into wrinkle-prone areas like the forehead and neck and in less than 1-2 weeks you will see a difference.

FYI~ its pretty pricey however just because you know...I love y' can save major league by going to Marshall's and picking some up for a 75% less than regular price.

Extra bonus tip! Make sure to put sunscreen on before stepping outdoors no matter what the temperature or season. The sun feels great but can cause MAJOR damage to the skin ESPECIALLY the face!

Having said that, may these products provide you with the skin you deserve and let me know if they worked for you via Twitter or Facebook.

Please note: All items mentioned are products I use for my daily skin regiment and based on my personal results. Results may vary.

Tony Vincente

President/CEO of Vincente Living

Public Figure and Fashionable Foodie

Want to purchase the items shown? Chillax, I found the best places to find them at the best price:

Charcoal Soap


(Facial Bar) Price: $14.98


(Facial cleanser) Price: $5.99

Benzac Intensive Spot Treatment


Price: $11.99

Strivectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate


Price (on $79.00

Price (In Marshall's stores): $19.99

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