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Interior Design 101

Hello everyone and I hope your week has and continues to be as beautiful as all of you are to me! Speaking of beauty, my outdoor settings have become a huge source of inspiration. So much so that I had to write this blog to share ways YOU can refresh your living space by using your environment for design inspiration!

We buy and rent homes, condominiums and apartments in specific areas because they have environmental elements that we most desire. Whether it be green trees and hiking trails or sun and sand they play an important part of our lives and can be a source for immense joy.

So why not have your home provide you with the same level of happiness? Using the outdoors for design inspiration is easy and fun. Here are a few quick tips I use to merge my two worlds together.

Tip #1. Get to painting!

If you're looking for a great new color for your space why not choose one that you would find outdoors? Live by the beach? Then you just may find color inspiration from the sand and water. In the Northwest?

Then choose your colors from the greenery and natural woods. Choosing paint colors can be quite overwhelming, however you may find that if you start with an inspiration color and stay in that family choosing the right paint tone can get simple.

Want to know what paint colors are hot in 2017? See here.

Tip #2 Bring your outdoor rug(s) inside.

Many rugs available are indoor/outdoor so when you're in the mood to switch up your outdoor colors and/or themes bring the old rugs in (after a good cleaning of course).

Use the colors and patterns to inspire a new feel for the space the rug finds itself in. Everything can be recycled when it comes to home decorating.

Looking at something you may have in a new light is both cost efficient and designer cool.

Tip #3 Use what nature provides you.

Similar to what I stated earlier about choosing paint color(s), locations can be a designers best friend.

Who on the coast line would be unable to resist the call of using driftwood, seashells and other nautical inspired elements for their space is beyond me!

Living in the northwest I love using my amazing backgrounds in my designs.

Whether it be taking pictures of the beautiful mountains to the amazing trees and printing them on canvas for cool wall art or making custom headboards and accent walls using local recycled or reclaimed woods I try to incorporate what makes an environment special.

My feeling is if you love where you live you want that feeling both inside and out for home and spirit.

Have I inspired you to decorate using nature as your inspiration? If so, hit me up here or on and share your pics with us! Maybe you can help someone gain design inspiration from what you do to your space!

Tony Vincente

Lifestyle Expert, Interior Decorator and CEO/President of Vincente Living

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