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Evolution is a great thing. Its a powerful thing. Evolution allows us to continuously grow and allows us no excuse to be nothing short of the best we can be. I guess you can say i'm somewhat of a fan of evolution. Here's why.

History of a brand

The path to Rossario George started in 2009, when I had the urge to pick up a small canvas and a box of watercolor paints and channeled my frustration of the day into a work of art titled "my thoughts in red" (shown below).

This painting lead to a number of paintings that I produced and sold over the years (Click here to see or purchase Vincente Art). These paintings were the catalyst to the creation of Vincente Art and Fragrance, my very first business. Most people would be content with this but for me evolution had other plans. I found myself motivated by my creations and envisioned what these pieces could be as home accessories.

These thoughts lead to the evolution to Vincente Living (see why the word evolution is so powerful to me!) a lifestyle brand that has brought me great success and notability from 2011-2017. But alas, something was missing. I am a true fashion lover and always wanted to design clothing and more but never knew how.

Then in June 2017 Vida came calling.

Let the partnership begin

Vida (for those who dont know) is a global conscious company that carefully selects artistic partnerships from around the world (which includes collaborations with well know icon Cher, designer Todd Anthony Tyler and many others.) to produce luxurious, responsibly produced clothing and accessories. They like my art and identity and asked if I would be interested in producing a line of clothing with them.

The word yes couldnt come out of my mouth fast enough.

And this brings us to the next and what will be the final phase of my brands evolution... Rossario George. Named after my partners father, I wanted to create an elegant and sophisticated brand that would both honor his memory and style all while cementing mine.

Who we are

Rossario George is celebration of style that encompasses what was, what will be and what is next. It is the reward for never staying stagnant and allowing evolution to take hold. Rossario George is a brand that will never follow the rules of fashion as we know it. It's why our motto is "Style without compromise".

So to all reading this I welcome you to a dream realized. Welcome to Rossario George.

Tony Vincente


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