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The Inspiration behind the lines.

What an exciting time for all of us at Rossario George! Today is the unveiling of the Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-to-Wear collections. In honor of this moment, I wanted to share the inspiration behind what must be my favorite creations to date.

It all began a few months after our initial launch (specifically mid-late December) that I started to wonder what next seasons’ collections would look like. We have had a phenomenal level of success since our inception last year, so we had to go big in 2018.

But the question that stuck with me was what does going big look like? Should I build upon the Greco-Roman designs that people associate with the brand or do I want to create something different and, if so, how different?

This question actually created a rather horrible 1-2 week creative block for me. Then one day while sitting alone in my living room, having a cup of tea by the fireplace, and listening to Swing out Sister on random, it hit me. For the first time in my life, I was at peace – with myself, my life and my choices. Life was very clear to me and the block that once was began to dissipate.

The following day I awoke renewed and reenergized. I jumped on my computer and let this new creativity wash over me, these modern designs poured out. To my surprise what came forth were designs that were calming, clean and vibrant. There was an innocence to these pieces, a subtle and abstract beauty to their designs that cannot and will not be ignored.

These pieces flow and breathe, making them perfect for the resort poolside, stylish enough to wear to the office during a power meeting, and fierce enough to make you queen of the night. I tell everyone that this line was my most personal to date. It comes from a place of well-earned contentment and inner strength I never had before. It’s this strength and freedom to be that allows me to share what inspired me to create these new lines and share my story with you.So here we are today. Thanks for taking the time to read this and, as always, dare to be.

Tony Vincente


Rossario George

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