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3 dress styles you need for the Fall/Winter!

It's officially Fall and Winter is around the corner! Time to pack the summer garments and shoes away and pull out cool sweaters and boots. At Rossario George, this is one of our FAVORITE times of the year.


It's a time when lighter colors dare to flirt with darker ones and darker tones become the seasonal normal. It also means getting your holiday style ready and for us, it all begins with owning the right dress.

So what is the right style of dress to wear during the Fall/Winter season?

We put together this quick guide of 3 dress styles women need to have in their closets and explain why. Enjoy!

First up the tried and true BLACK dress or your ALL PURPOSE dress. Every women needs this type of dress. Its a versatile style that works for any and all occasions. We all know the black dress is also the epitome of class and the color overall provides a slimming effect.

When to wear during the Fall/Winter: Corporate Holiday Parties , Dates, To the Theater, Family Gatherings and New Year's Eve

(Shown: The RG "Callisto" wrap dress available here.)

Next up the VA VA VOOM dress or IMPACT dress. This dress type is your statement dress. It also is meant to bring attention and make you stand out in a crowd.

When to wear during the Fall/Winter: Dates, Hanging out with friends and New Years Eve

(Shown: The "Revenge" midi dress available here.)

Last but definitely not least, the STATEMENT dress. This style of dress should be elegant yet fun almost a mix of the two dress styles listed above. This style of dress allows you to wear fun yet stylish prints that show your not afraid to be bold!

When to wear during the Fall/Winter: Dates, Family gatherings and Hanging out with friends

(Shown: The RG "Animal" wrap dress available here.)

We hope this quick guide comes and handy! Next up on the blog...Time to accessorize!

See you in 2 weeks,

Tony Vincente

CEO/President Rossario George

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